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2020 is the year EXTINCT was established.

Starting off as a small interest in the world of thrifting and vintage fashion, has led us to share our love for nostalgic clothing with you guys.

We have spent years hitting our local thrift spots racks & shelves, bumping elbows with fellow thrifters in hopes of increasing our collection.

As much fun as we have finding these grails, we run in to many inconveniences. Whether it's finding that fire shirt that's not our size, seeing


a hole in a hoodie we just bought once we get home, or the local thrift spot being overcrowded and the racks empty. EXTINCT was born for a


sole purpose. To eliminate these problems and continue to find modern day solutions for the vintage fashion industry. We have created


EXTINCTSTYLES.COM to be the easiest one stop shop for all vintage wants & needs. 

After years of learning & experimenting with different clothing pieces, EXT by EXTINCT was introduced to the world.

With a heavy inspiration made by the vintage world, EXT designs feature many nostalgic feels that bring you back. 

Pieces designed and curated by Ricky De La Cruz.

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